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Understanding your brand’s personality.

Personality is important. We know that. But can a brand truly have character and personality? If so what are the implications for brands to be a success and what can we learn from successful brands? By using BrandZ's extensive database we are able to quantify brand personality for the first time through various lenses and contexts to provide comparisons and guidance on how to unlock your brand's potential and strategise around maximising clarity and consistency.


Engaging Consumers in the Post-Recession World.

Trust is no longer enough. Strong brands inspire both Trust (belief in the brand's promise developed over time) with Recommendation (current confirmation of that promise). This combination of Trust plus Recommendation results in a new metric called TrustR.


Maximising brand and corporate integrity.

Major brands are especially vulnerable to unforeseen events that can quickly threaten the equity cultivated over a long period of time. But those brands with a better reputation are much more resilient. Four key factors drive Reputation: Success, Fairness, Responsibility and Trust. Find out how your brand performs.